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Build a Ballistic Parachute Recovery
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April 7 8, 2018


April 14 15, 2018


April 28 29, 2018

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Maker Faires Around the World

We are developing Lightning : an open protocol layer that leverages the power of blockchains and smart contracts to make cheap, fast, private transactions available to anyone around the world. User growth and application innovation in the blockchain ecosystem are driving the need for new protocol layers that build on the security and ubiquity of blockchains. Lightning is one of the first and most essential of these protocols, providing blockchains with the scalability to support magnitudes more users as well as the flexibility to support a new wave of financial applications.

The most advanced and most developer-friendly implementation of the Lightning Network protocol. provides superior reliability, interoperability and security for the next generation of global-scale financial applications.

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An open platform developed by Lightning Labs that enables users with mobile devices to conduct blockchain and Lightning Network transactions quickly and easily. Neutrino provides “light clients” with security and privacy that weren’t available with previous light client concepts.

The Lightning protocol is developed in the open, all specifications and related code are open source. Contributors are welcome!

Lightning is an overlay network built on top of an existing blockchain protocol. Similar to how the Internet is built in layers, Lightning creates an entirely new layer, offering instant, high-volume payments that are denominated in the blockchain’s native currency. Our implementation, lnd, has been primarily developed for Bitcoin, and we have also integrated Litecoin support.

The Lightning Network maintains and contributes to Bitcoin's core decentralization property, with the network being composed of a diffuse network of many small nodes routing payments amongst each other. This topology is designed to disincentivize centralized points of failure.

In order to use Lightning, you'll need a Lightning-enabled Bitcoin or Litecoin wallet. A Lightning wallet has all the same functionality as a regular wallet, but also allows one to instantly send/receive payments via Lightning. You can join our Slack or mailing list for additional details on testing lnd and Lightning wallets.

Lightning doesn't use its own token or currency, it only uses Bitcoin when on the Bitcoin blockchain. Lightning sends payments using the transaction format of the underlying blockchain. When running on Bitcoin, Lightning is actually exchanging native Bitcoin transactions—without the need to broadcast every transaction to the chain. This combined with a series of pre-signed contracts enables users on Lightning to send instant, low-fee payments, without having to trust central intermediaries.

Our Ocean. Our Future.

As a species, our survival is dependent on our oceans being healthy and full of life, yet only four percent are currently protected. This means that vast areas are left unregulated and vulnerable to ever-increasing human pressures such as unsustainable fishing, irresponsible waste management and climate change.

If we don’t protect marine life from destructive human activities now, the oceans face a ‘sixth mass extinction’; an extinction caused by humans.

Marine megafauna play a critical role in the health of our oceans’ vast ecosystems, and thus the survival of all marine life. The stakes have never been higher for these ocean giants, which is why the Marine Megafauna Foundation is on a mission to save them using pioneering research, education, and sustainable conservation solutions.

Marine Megafauna Foundation

The next 10 years may be more important than the last 10,000 in determining the fate of our oceans."

The next 10 years

Since MMF’s inception, our scientists have made great strides by using groundbreaking research to educate local and global communities and inspire lasting conservation solutions. We have made documented improvements in research , education and conservation and our work has been featured in a variety of global media outlets.

research education conservation new species IUCN Red List of Threatened Species satellite tags non-invasive methods photo recognition software Western Indian Ocean Southeast Asia The Americas Convention on Migratory Species (CMS) Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES)

Stay up-to-date on our latest research:

11260 Donner Pass Road #256 Truckee, CA 96161 USA

Tofo Beach, Inhambane Mozambique

[email protected]

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[email protected]

Thank you so much for setting up a monthly payment with MMF. We’re so grateful for all your kind support!

Your first payment will be debited on the day you make the donation, and every month thereafter on or around the same date.

Password Reset

Please enter your e-mail address below, and we will e-mail instructions for setting a new password.

Have general questions about Stanford Lagunita ? You can find lots of helpful information in the Stanford Lagunita Help Center .

general questions about Stanford Lagunita

Can't find an answer to your question? You can contact the Stanford Lagunita general support team directly nike roshe leather flyknit roshe

Please note: The Stanford Lagunita support team is English speaking. While we will do our best to address your inquiry in any language, our responses will be in English.

Thank you for your inquiry or feedback. We typically respond to a request within three business days, Monday to Friday. In the meantime, please review our white and black air jordans 11s size 8
where most questions have already been answered.

New College- and Career-Ready standards emphasize the importance of speaking, listening, and conversing not only as a means for learning, but also as a valuable goal of learning. Starting October 3, Professor Kenji Hakuta and Drs. Sara Rutherford-Quach and Jeff Zwiers at Stanford Graduate School of Education once again will offer an online professional development course that focuses on student conversations, Constructive Classroom Conversations: Improving Student-to-Student Interactions. The overall purpose of this course is help teachers prepare students, and particularly language learners, to have in-depth conversations about content area concepts and topics.

This course consists of six online sessions, with two or three weeks devoted to each session. Each session includes expert video screencasts, classroom video clips, readings and resources, and assignments that will prompt participants to strengthen the curricular foundations of communication. Participants are free to complete the session tasks at their own pace as long as they finish them within the allotted time. Participants will learn to:

The teaching team has been designing and offering online professional development courses for four years. All three instructors work in Stanford University’s air jordan 5 releases 2015 nfl
, which focuses on language, learning, and equity issues across a range of educational settings. Thousands of educators have participated in these professional development courses. Comments such as this are common:

Rupture is a utility for working with media queries in nike free rn flyknit 2016 mens badminton gold medal match
. It takes advantage of stylus' new block mixins to provide useful helpers that make breakpoints much more clear to read and simple to code. Rupture is based loosely on mens nike air max 2015 uk calendar
, a sass plugin with similar functionality.

You can install use rupture through npm, as such:

...and you can use it in any way that nike air max lunar running trainers blackwhite twins
. An example is shown below with ladies nike blazer trainers warehouse
, a simple interface to many different compiled js languages.

All functions provided by rupture are air jordan shoes store philippines contact
, meaning that they should be called prefixed with a + . You can use any of the mixins either with pixel/em values or with scale values. Let's review the scale first so that it's easy to understand.

Rupture provides a variable called scale . Below is the default value, but you are welcome to overwrite this with anything else you want:

The scale variables can also have as many values as you'd like, so don't feel limited to the number in the default value. Now, imagine that the variables listed here represent a scale on your site, with each slice having a number, as such:

As mentioned above, you can have as many slices as you want, they just count up from the first one at index zero. So that's the scale. Now let's move on to the mixins.

So there are two “categories” of mixins that are a part of rupture. The first is a very basic set designed to simply shorten and sweeten standard media queries, and the second is a very close port of the fantastic breakpoint-slicer library, which can be used almost as a grid. We'll go through these in order.

When the screen size is above the provided nike air jordan 12 5 team schedule
, the styles in the block will take effect.

Alias of above . Styles take effect from the provided mens black air jordans
and above.

When the screen size is below the provided nike free flyknit series 7
, the styles in the block will take effect.

Alias of below . Styles take effect from zero up to the provided measure .

When the screen size is between the two provided measure , the styles in the block will take effect.

©2001–2018 Cantaloupe Music, LLC

Cantaloupe Music is the record label created and launched in March 2001 by the three founders of New York's legendary Bang on a Can organization—composers Michael Gordon, David Lang and Julia Wolfe—with Bang on a Can managing director Kenny Savelson. Cantaloupe Music has made a massive impact in the new music community, and has been recognized by critics and fans worldwide for its edgy and adventurous sounds.

Our goal is to provide a home for contemporary classical and post-classical music that is, in the words of Michael Gordon, “too funky for the academy.” Throughout its nearly 15-year history, Cantaloupe has repeatedly received Top Ten of the Year accolades from such publications as the New York Times, the New Yorker, the Washington Post, the Boston Globe, The Guardian (UK), The Wire (UK), Newsday, Mojo magazine, Gramophone, Billboard, Stereophile and Time Out New York. Cantaloupe releases have also been featured on CNN, National Public Radio, the BBC, and numerous outlets online, in print and over the airwaves.

Cantaloupe Music's comprehensive press room makes all our recent release materials easily accessible to journalists, editors and presenters in one easy location.

Email us at [email protected] for password access.

Cantaloupe Press Room

Join our mailing listto receive updates on the latest releases, tour dates, free downloads, and more!


Cantaloupe Music 80 Hanson Place, Suite 702Brooklyn, NY 11217USAPhone +001 718 852 7755Fax +001 718 852 7732

Bill Murphy, Label Manager [email protected]

Adam Cuthbert, Sales Licensing Manager [email protected]

Licensing / Permissions [email protected]

Randall Foster, Licensing Manager, Naxos of America [email protected]

Radio / Retail / Publicity / General Inquiries [email protected]

Cantaloupe Club and Online Store Inquiries [email protected] [email protected]

Regarding Submissions

We welcome unsolicited submissions. However, though they will be listened to, we cannot guarantee a response, and no submissions will be returned. Please send CDs to the address above c/o Cantaloupe AR. Please include information about performances (both past and upcoming).


We occasionally need interns who live near New York City. Please email your resume to [email protected] .


United States Naxos of America1810 Columbia Ave.Franklin, TN 37064Phone +1 615 771 9393Email: [email protected] nike air max 90 infrared og fake people

Australia Select Audio-Visual DistributionPhone +61 2 9948 1811Email: [email protected]

Benelux (Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg)Outhere DistributionPhone +31 (0)6 29088 900Email: [email protected] air jordan retro 9 anthracite blackwhite twins

France Abeille Musique DistributionPhone 08 92 259 770Email: [email protected]

Germany Naxos Deutschland Musik und Video Vertriebs GmbHPhone +49 89 907749940Email: [email protected]

Hong Kong and Far East Silk Road Music Co. Ltd.Phone (852) 2951 9557Email: [email protected] nike air max 1 light bone/black/cherry rediffmail

Italy Ducale MusicPhone 0332.770189Email: [email protected] nike air max 2013 mens australian jackets

Japan Naxos JapanPhone +81 562972083Email: [email protected]

Sweden Naxos SwedenPhone +46 19 206860Email: [email protected]

United Kingdom Select Music Video Distribution LtdPhone +44 1737 645600Email: nike wmns blazer mid prm quick strike options

Additional TerritoriesPlease visit